Sunday, February 22, 2015

IVF success story for patient from Kenya

Even before we got married, my then fiancé and I knew of the problems we would encounter with her conceiving. I had a major surgical procedure (TURP, transurethral resection of the prostate,for treatment of an enlarged prostate) that prevented her from conceiving naturally.

Visiting to a doctor in Nairobi who indicated he can “prescribe a medicine that would allow the natural ejaculation of sperms and facilitate pregnancy”, his suggestions sparked a new interest in me. Thank God for the internet, I read where his suggestions were “untested and so far highly unsuccessful” so that idea was put to rest. It actually did more harm than good to those who tried.

Learning that there was an IVF Clinic in Nairobi, we both decided to give that a try. What a torment that has turned out to be when we compare what we have undergone/witnessed with the Malpani Clinic in Mumbai, India. At the clinic in Nairobi, my wife underwent excruciating pain and the end result was a failure. (more on that later). To say the least it was a disappointment and we were at a loss for lack of knowledge as to what to expect. Not so with Dr. Malpani’s Clinic, it was totally different with information provided by Dr. Malpani, his wife and their team.

My wife was so determined to fulfill this dream that after our marriage she found for herself Dr. Malpani’s Clinic on the internet and suggested we give it a try. Firstly, it cost less than what we paid in Nairobi (and from investigation other clinics elsewhere), and the available information on the website was tremendous in allowing us to form an informed opinion even before beginning our mission. To differentiate with our previous encounter the items being asked by Dr. Malpani to form an opinion (as if we are getting a second opinion) was like chalk and cheese. When we were asked for our reports from the Nairobi IVF clinic, we had none and they had very little to give, even to get the little we got was a challenge. There were no pictures of the eggs or embryos, no copies of scans were given to us, medical history and procedures. We took the challenge and got the necessary medical visa and visited Dr. Malpani’s clinic in Mumbai, India.

We were so anxious that when the time came for the sperm sample it was a challenge but eventually all went well and we were able to harvest and store fifteen (15) embryos. And our journey to becoming parents began. The first transfer was done with three (3) embryos and then we left for Kenya. This first procedure took a full three (3) weeks in Mumbai.

We were both excited as my wife experienced all the symptoms as explained in the handout and from DrsMalpani (husband and wife team). But this first try was not to be a success. I WAS DEVASTATED, COULD NOT WORK, EAT OR SLEEP WELL, (and so was my wife, totally inconsolable for weeks). We were consoled by friends and Dr. Malpani that this is often the case and to not lose faith and that our time would come as there were no reasons why she could not become pregnant in the future.

We gave each other sometime, especially to let go of the earlier disappointment and to have the courage to go over the procedure again, only this time it was only for implantation as the embryos were stored. I did not make the trip with my wife and maybe that helped (who knows).

After this second trip (our third try at conceiving) we knew that something good was happening. The intensity of the morning sickness was high, the nausea and vomiting was greater and we were only awaiting the B-HCG test to confirm the suspicion. We were so tense going for the results and when we received the report, people around us must have thought the worse (as it is the same place you go for HIV testing) when we both broke down crying in the parking lot. THEY WERE TEARS OF JOY. The readings were so high that we thought maybe that those reading are for twins or triplets. WE WERE OVERJOYED. We scanned the report and sent to Dr. Malpani straight away and he was also happy and told us what to do, steps to take, medication, etc., to prepare for this journey. In all we did two live (fresh) IVF cycles and one frozen cycle and the frozen one was successful.

During the pregnancy my wife had to be confined to bed on one occasion as complications arose. She did have one of the best, if not the best Ob-Gyn in Nairobi, who guided her thoroughly and professionally throughout the pregnancy.

Today, thank God, we are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl (3.24 kgs at birth), but this was not without complications that are subject to a possible lawsuit. I almost lost both mother and child due to miscommunications or some other terminology with the medical staff at the delivery hospital.

My wife and I would like to thank the Malpani’s and the wonderful and supportive staff at their clinic for making us proud parents. When the time is right we would be back to complete our family with another child (one is not enough). The difference we have experienced with the level of information made available to us, the guidance and advice throughout the procedure and the after procedure support is first class and shows what a top rated clinic this is and to thank this  family and the work they are doing to make other families complete.

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