Saturday, February 28, 2015

Surrogacy Centers in India – Turning Parental Dreams into a Reality

There are times when some couples can’t have babies via IVF; many of them are now warning up to the idea of surrogacy. Today a number of infertile couples proactively approach us with queries about surrogacy and how the process works in India. There are different types of surrogacy:

•    The egg and the sperm from the infertile couple is combined to make an embryo. This embryo will then be transferred into a surrogate (a woman who lends her womb for the pregnancy)
•    A donated egg is  fertilized with sperm from the father and implanted in the surrogate
•    An embryo is created with donor eggs & donor sperm and then transferred in the surrogate’s womb

In the past, traditional surrogacy was used, when the sperm from the male partner & the surrogate’s eggs were used by performing artificial insemination/intrauterine insemination (IUI) for the surrogate. This is now illegal in India.

The woman who is implanted with the embryo then carries the child till the point of birth, after which it is handed over to the couple.

Who Can Opt For Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is now helping many infertile couples realize their parenting dreams. There are different instances in which surrogacy can be a viable option:

•    Women who have undergone hysterectomy (the womb is removed for contraceptive or medical reasons)
•    Women without a womb/ malformed womb
•    Repeated IVF failures , even though the embryos are Grade A blastocysts. However, do remember that “implantation failure” after 1-2 IVF cycles is NOT a reason for doing surrogacy

The Benefits

When you opt for surrogacy via a registered clinic like ours, we help you connect with a surrogate and handle all the legal formalities involved in the process. This ensures you take your baby with you after it is born.

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