Saturday, May 03, 2014

IVF success story from Malpani Infertility Clinic

We are Anitha and Raj  from US , who underwent an  IVF treatment at Malpani Infertility Clinic in May,  2013.  With great pleasure and profoundest of  gratitude we would like to present Arjun. Arjun was born on January 30th, 2014 . Healthy,  baby boy
We came to Dr Malpani’s  clinic with a lot of skepticism and some hope . Skepticism, that  had stemmed from  all those failed , multiple  IVF treatments we had undergone at  3 different well known IVF clinics in US, and in one of the famous IVF clinics in India.  We came across your  very informative, incredible website (, while searching online desperately for answers and help  and we emailed our queries. We were pleasantly surprised to find that those prompt, straight forward  and ” to the point “ responses came from Dr Malpani himself .We were expecting  scripted responses from administration staff or nursing staff ,  as was the case with all our previous encounters with IVF clinics here in US and India. 

The very first face to face meeting with Dr Malpani made us feel hopeful again. Dr Malpani was very realistic and did not promise us anything. Instead, he  went through our previous records in great detail, ordered the necessary tests in his state of the art facility before coming up with a  customized treatment plan.  

 We believe that Dr Malpani’s hands on approach to treatment  was the deciding factor that made the difference for us. Unlike other IVF facilities ( both in US and India) where, you only see the physician during the initial consultation , periodic update sessions (  if you are lucky) and during the embryo transer , Dr Malpani was personally  involved in every phase of the treatment.  We are truly blessed to have found  this incredible physician team, Dr.Malpani & Dr.Anjali who made this Miracle happen . 

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