Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aligning the interests of the patient and the IVF clinic

One of the concerns IVF patients have is that they feel that IVF doctors may cause their IVF cycles to fail, in order to extract more money from them.

They feel that their interests and those of the IVF doctor are not aligned . They know that the success of an IVF cycle is not 100% , but their worry ( often unexpressed) is that because the doctor makes  money by doing more IVF cycles , he may actually deliberately cause the cycle to fail, so that he can charge the patient for the next IVF cycle.

This is a shortsighted and distorted perspective. In reality , the interests of a good IVF clinic are completely aligned with those of the patient .  Why do we need to ensure that we do what's in the patient's best interests ? The reason is simple - doing what is in the patient's best interest also happens to be in our best interests !

We only have one IVF clinic in one location . This means the patient knows they will always find me here,  and that I'm not trying to maximize my income by running around from one clinic to another just in order to see more patients . This way, I can focus on the patient sitting in front of me , without having to worry about having to supervise other clinics or having to constantly commute.

This is also why we don't employ any assistants. This means our relationship with our patients is very hands on and is one-on-one . They get the direct benefit of the extensive yours of experience and expertise we have in doing IVF . This is why we have made a conscious decision not to delegate any part of the IVF care to an assistant. This allows us to ensure that all our patients get equally high-quality IVF care – not just the VIPs !

Because we do only IVF and nothing else , this means that IVF is our bread-and-butter . We need to ensure we have a high success rate, so we can continue treating new patients and doing even more cycles going forward . Our best source of references are our existing patients , and the greater the number of pregnancies we achieve, the more the patients they will refer to us. Since we do not offer kickbacks or commissions to referring doctors and gynecologists , we need to make sure that our success rates remain high , so that our happy patients can send us more IVF success stories , and help us to create even more IVF babies !

This is why we also offer
a guaranteed pregnancy treatment option.

This option will help you reduce your emotional risk and your financial risk

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