Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How can infertile patients take better decisions?

Infertility is a daunting medical condition, which takes its toll on both body and mind. When an infertile patient decides to go in for treatment , she is faced with choosing from a wide variety of options.  Often is  can be difficult to choose the right option. The patient needs to evaluate what works best for her.  For example, let’s consider a patient who has just failed an IVF cycle. What should she do next ?

Several factors like her age, financial status and family support will influence her decision. She has to choose whether she should go in for another cycle of IVF ? or go in for surrogacy ? or give up and opt for adoption ? If she chooses to go in for IVF, she needs to decide whether to change the clinic ? or to use donor eggs ?  These decisions are easier if both husband and wife agree. But in some cases , the couple has contrasting views about the decision , which aggravates the existing problem.

A counselor can be useful in these cases. A counselor can be your guide to help you make a better decision. She would help you explore your options, rather than dictate your decision.

Another approach that helps in these cases is to take a practical business approach. You need to visualize the problem from a third person’s point of view and finalise an option. A practical approach helps you objectively evaluate your choices. I know this sounds like a heartless approach, but it helps you to keep your sanity intact and select the best option. 

If you want to go on an unusual path, you can choose to flip a coin. However, I do not want you to leave your treatment choice to chance, fate or coincidence. When the coin is in the air , your heart will tell you what it is that you are secretly hoping. This will help you listen to your heart !

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