Friday, May 16, 2014

IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

We got married in 2005 and all was well till 2008, we never bothered about not being parents as we had thought of not having a child at least for couple of years just to enjoy the phase. But we didn't do any planning as  we were open for parenthood also.  The life was very comfortable and we enjoyed every bit of it. In between we consulted doctor and everything was quite normal. Some medication were prescribed and was followed properly. But nothing has changed and still we did not bothered much. But the pressure started mounting up when there was no sign of conceiving after couple of years. Then we consulted another doctor outside Goa and under went all the check ups and followed by treatment. Unfortunately  nothing came positive our way. Every month we traveled nearly 500 Km  twice or thrice according to the requirements of the treatment. This continued for almost 6 months,  3-4 cycles of IUI's failed  and we were exhausted! You can imagine the stress that we had gone through in travelling, treatment, expenses, staying out of home etc. There was lot of expectation from the family, many suggestions use to come very often to meet other doctor, visit temple do puja etc. As i am working in Goa we lived here without our family. By then we started facing irritation to meet our own family and friends , started avoiding all the functions, social meetings etc to just to stay away from the unwanted questions and suggestions. Decided not continue any further treatment. Valuable 8 years passed and no sign of our aspiration becoming reality.

I am really thankful to my immediate boss who has supported me through out these days, further insisted not give up hopes and suggested to meet a doctor in Mumbai. He himself arranged an  appointment with a senior most doctor Dr. Soonawala. Dr. Soonawala being one of the best gynecologists in India studied our case and treated for 3 months and finally referred us to Dr. Aniruddha Malpani of Malpani Infertility Clinic.

It was a great feeling at the first meeting of Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, we have never been so comfortable with any of the doctors throughout our  treatment. Dr. Malpani impressed us in the very first meeting with his talkative command and encouraged us to be calm and face the situation as it comes.  He explained the procedure in a convincing manner and cleared all our doubts.  As we had also decided to go for for the last chance of luck we were very calm and heard him very patiently and decided to come back to him for the treatment very next month.

We have gone through the procedure of IVF in the month of March 2013 and my wife conceived in the very first attempt!  We had broken out with joy after the confirmation and there was no word to thank Dr. Malpani and team. 

But there were hurdles in the initial stage of pregnancy, my wife had to be admitted for 3-4 times which was more painful than getting conceived. We were scared of miscarriage as my wife was repeatedly facing problem but finally the day has come she got admitted for delivery on November 15th. It was a long wait since 9.30 in the morning to 7.30 PM , I was so worried, I think I must have prayed 100 times, she delivered  a healthy beautiful baby girl and our entire family had celebrated the moment.

Now  our daughter is 6 months old and absolutely took off all our depressions and has filled us up with happiness. It's all because of the kind support of Dr. Malpani and team and we will remain grateful to them rest of our life. I would like to give a message to couples like us -  please don't lose heart, be patient, get the advise from the doctor, trust him and leave rest all to the God and wait for the result,you will not be disappointed.
I wish all the very best to Dr. Malpani and their team and pray that they continue their good work. 

Satish Bhat

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