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Preparing for an IVF Cycle

Preparing for IVF treatment has two aspects: physical and emotional. Both of them are equally important and help you to maximize chances of IVF success. Patients going in for their first cycle of IVF are bound to be excited, nervous and hopeful. They have tried so many treatment methods for infertility and IVF looks like their last hope. For others who have had failed IVF procedures in the past, another cycle is one more hope , which may lead to their much longed-for success – or another disappointment. They are apprehensive of the outcome and fear the worst. For all these reasons, emotional preparation is essential before a scheduled IVF cycle.

Arm yourself with knowledge

Accurate knowledge about the procedure will help in alleviating unnecessary fears. The internet is teeming with information resources on IVF. All the information is easily accessible and explained in a simple manner. is packed with information you can trust ! If you are confused, your should consult your IVF specialist and clear any doubts that you may have.

Expect the worst

It is a known fact that success does not require any emotional preparation , while the stress of failure is tough to take. IVF patients become disturbed once any doctor happens to touch on the topic of failure. They feel that the doctor is being pessimistic about the outcome. It is important that you prepare yourself for the worst outcome so that a failure does not overwhelm you.

Make sure you have a good support system

If you have a handful of friends and relatives around you during the IVF treatment, you will feel more confident. Friends can help you to avoid being obsessed with negative thoughts. It is not necessary to inform all your relatives about the treatment, but a few close ones may be of immense help. They will support you during this emotionally trying time. Avoid the company of negative people. You may also find new friends in online support groups with whom you can connect well.

Learn to manage your mind

It is important that you let go of your fears and try to relax during this period. Learning to meditate and do yoga can help. The IVF procedure is sure to be an emotional roller coaster ride , but you can learn tools to help you master this.

Emotional planning is crucial while preparing for IVF treatment , to ensure that you handle the stress well.

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