Saturday, February 01, 2014

The frustrating problem of poor ovarian reserve

Patients with a poor ovarian reserve visiting a test tube baby centre are tough to manage. They have a limited supply of eggs and the associated infertility makes every treatment process difficult. IVF patients are usually managed using a procedure called super ovulation which is a method of stimulating the process of ovulation using drugs. These drugs stimulate the ovaries and help you to grow more eggs. However, in patients with poor ovarian reserve, they do not respond well to super ovulation. However hard the doctor tries, the patient does not produce enough eggs for fertilization.

In such cases, every egg is precious,  as it is a part of limited reserve. Such patients can be managed using a modified technique.

Mini IVF or gentle IVF or patient-friendly IVF done in a test tube baby center is a great alternate form of treatment for these patients. It is the best possible use of the few eggs available , to ensure a positive outcome. This procedure uses minimal stimulation, and hence the name gentle IVF. This can be an acceptable form of treatment for patients who have realistic expectations about the outcome.

Mini-IVF is not a magic wand for infertile patients. It comes with its own set of risks and chances of failure. It is important not to unnecessarily promote only the benefits of the procedure. Patients should have a complete understanding of the treatment before they opt for it. It’s best done in a clinic which has a lot of experience and expertise with it, because the margin for error with mini-IVF is much less, and the monitoring needs to be much closer.

Mini-IVF is a beneficial form of treatment for patients with poor ovarian reserve , but it does have a lower success rate, is why it should be used judiciously .

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