Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our very special delivery......Mumbai to UK...

I married late in life at the end of 2008,  aged 39. so starting a family straight away was important to me, as I knew my biological clock was ticking.  I fell pregnant at the end of 2009, we were so happy that it ad happened but to our devastation, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 8weeks .
We were totally heartbroken , but knew that due to my age this was a higher probability for me and not neglected. The following few months were hard , Christmas and the new year passed. But I was determined to carry on and prayed I would fall pregnant again....

A year passed by and month after month , disappointment was all we seemed to get. I was having acupuncture, Chinese herbs, reflexology, taking every supplement under the sun! Then late 2009, I discovered I was pregnant again, once again we were overjoyed, maybe all the complimentary therapies had worked? but this again ended in a miscarriage , 7 weeks.

The pain of suffering a miscarriage was so painful, physically and emotionally, we discussed options of  IVF with the Drs to see if we could improve and speed up our chances, after one persuasion, we were referred to the local IVF clinic here in the UK.

We went through all the checks and tests and  all seemed to be normal, the nurse even suggested
( from the scan checks prior to having the IVF that my uterus looked fabulous and couldn't believe I wouldn't get pregnant on my own. To our surprise as I waited for my cycle to begin and hence IVF could start, I discovered once again I was pregnant , so we thought , maybe third time lucky! But no , 8 weeks later I miscarried, the pain and suffering again felt worse.

I was beginning to feel shattered and exhausted going through each miscarriage that I almost gave up , but carried on with acupuncture and decided to try IVF on our next cycle and as i waited I found I was pregnant again....but you guessed it , I miscarried once again, this time I was 9 weeks , so getting further each time but just not enough for that little bean to stick!

After recovering we saw a specialist at the hospital to discuss my recurrent miscarriages, the Dr carried out tests etc but all came back normal for both my husband and I, so the Dr then suggested Donor  Egg as he thought the miscarriages were likely to be due to my egg quality.
This wasn't the news I wanted to hear but knew this was probably my best option if we wanted to have a family of our own.

After a few months I started to google donor clinics etc but being Asian , the UK had a a very long waiting list ,and you could end up waiting years. So I decided to look abroad and came across Dr Malpani's clinic. Something drew me to his clinic, reading his website gave me real hope and positive vibes. So I filled in the forms and his speedy replies really impressed me.

I suddenly felt there was hope now....

I discussed via e mail with Dr Malpani my options for donor egg and very quickly he found us a donor. So within weeks we were booking tickets to fly out to Mumbai .
My husband had never been to India before so we were excited and apprehensive all rolled into one.

The day we arrived we went to the clinic that afternoon and met Dr Malpani, who made us feel very welcome. The staff all were very helpful and kind. Our treatment began a few days later . Between days 4-9 we had decided to go to Goa ( on Dr Malpani's recommendation) as we were just waiting for the next scan before egg transfer would take pace around day 16.

The trip did us the world of good, and helped me relax. After egg transfer, we continued to relax at our hotel and flew home a few days later back to the UK

The next couple of weeks was simply a waiting game, Dr Malpani reassured me that no matter what i did, those embryos were not going to fall out!

He was right , the day I took the pregnancy test, I couldn't believe it, I was pregnant ! I even didn't believe my blood tests that came back positive. Later that month we went for our scan, and there before our eyes , was our little one, heart beating strongly!!

The pregnancy was tough, I remember e mailing Dr Malpani, that I don't feel pregnant, he replied
' Why do you want suffer from morning sickness?'

Then a few days later the sickness began, and never stopped, but deep down although hard to go through, it was a good sign....9 months later our beautiful daughter was born!

Our special delivery had arrived and we haven't stopped smiling since.

All of this could not have been possible , without the help and support of Dr Malpani and his team, they got us through this, and we are eternally grateful.

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