Saturday, December 17, 2011

When bad things happen in the IVF lab

Most patients are pretty clueless about what goes on in the IVF lab.

Sadly, many doctors are equally clueless too and they leave everything upto the embryologist. While this works very well when you have a full time experienced expert embryologist, the sad truth is that not all IVF labs and IVF embryologists are upto the mark. While many are extremely hard working , talented scientists, others are poorly trained

Thus, some will use shortcuts, such as using donor sperm because they do not know how to handle TESE sperm

Others are not very careful about quality control , and will not bother to check that their equipment is working well

Some are not very honest with the patient and do not give the patients photos of their embryos - they just tell the patient that their embryos are of "good quality" ( even when they are not), thus taking advantage of the patient's ignorance.

Other will use one patient's eggs for another without her consent. They justify this by calling it
egg sharing , but really this is egg stealing.

Documentation is often poor and records are poorly kept. If there are accidents or mixups in the the lab , these are covered up and not reported

Thus, when the incubator malfunctions and the embryos die, they are not forthright with the patient. They explain that the problem is because of poor egg quality, and tell them to use donor eggs for the next cycle !

Sadly, it's easy to exploit poorly informed patients. Smart patients make sure they have done their homework, so they can arm themselves with Information Therapy !

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