Thursday, December 15, 2011

Egg sharing - or egg stealing ?

In many IVF clinics in India , doctors will often use one patient's eggs for another without her consent. They call this egg sharing - but really this is egg stealing. They do not bother to inform the patient that her eggs are being used for someone else !

For example, when they retrieve 10 eggs, they use only 6 for the patient, and borrow 4 to give to someone else

This is why there are so many patients who have 12 mature follicles on the ultrasound scan, but the doctor gets only 6 eggs !

This kind of lack transparency will end up giving all IVF clinics in India a bad reputation !

As a patient, you need to be well-informed about your treatment, so take an active interest in what is happening . You can always ask the doctor to show you the ultrasound screen during the scans, so you can track your follicles; and ask for prints of the scans as well.

Ask questions and speak up !

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