Friday, December 30, 2011

Take an iPill and call me in the morning

As all good family physician's wives know, most complaints are self-limited and most patients will get better in the morning on their own. This is why " Take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning" is still extremely good medical advise

Tincture of time is often the best healer; and if things aren't better by morning , then the doctor can start a more detailed evaluation.

Today, instead of advising patients to take 2 aspirins, I advise them to take an iPill. An iPill is an information therapy prescription and has an equally useful role to play ! It helps to reassure patients that their symptoms are unlikely to be serious; and helps them to make better decisions.

At the end of each consultation, along with giving them pills, doctors need to give iPills as well - personalised information therapy prescriptions !

There are many ways of prescribing this - and digital tools are often the best way of delivering these.


  1. Good article. Sometimes just allaying concerns helps one feel better. There is a web based portal that enables secure online communications between doctors and patients, while allowing the physician to be reimbursed for their time.

  2. Marcia Noyes9:48 PM

    Yes, YES! Information does so often allay fears about what could be wrong. The website and its mobile applications iTriage, for iPhone and Android devices are providing that service to many healthcare patients around the world.

    Empowering patients with knowledge about the possible causes and types of treatment can go quite far in providing peace of mind for those waiting to see a physician or medical provider.


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