Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IVF sucess story for couple from Sri Lanka

We, Thushara and Medha being Sri Lankans, living in Colombo, are pleased to make few words regarding our success story with many thanks to Dr. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani and their staff at the Malpani Fertility Clinic at Colaba, Mumbai, India. We had to pass a long way to reach this destiny, it was more than 11 years, from the date of our marriage. During this period we visited to many doctors in Sri Lanka and abroad even followed western and eastern medical prescriptions, without any interval. We were really fed up with the matter and that feeling created more and more negative impact with regard to the possibility of having a baby. All the doctors said that we haven’t any serious problem rather that some hormone imbalances, but the result was so far from us until we met Dr. Malpani.

We came to know about the clinic of Dr. Malpani during our thoroughly search for a doctor in India, by that time I also had an opportunity to work in Mumbai for some times. It was a silver line in the dark cloud . We came to Mumbai and met Dr. Malpani. The first impression was very encouraging and it defeated all of our negative attitudes regarding another circle of treatment. He spoke to our broken heart and healed the wounds in our heart and the mined, that was a spiritual treatment we got for the first time. We met several best doctors with whom even we can’t talk properly or ask any question regarding the gray areas in the fertility process. Sometimes Dr.Malpani was a teacher to teach us the steps and the process in depth and resolved all the questioned we had regarding the treatment. This approach we haven’t experienced at any other places in Sri Lanka or abroad. He took his own time for the explanation and encouraging to keep our moral fitness and mental balance for the purpose. It was a psychological therapy before the treatment. We were surprised to see the a doctor spent such a time for the wellbeing of the patient. Kindness and the friendly relations of both Dr. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani and the service of their dedicated staff was a blessing for our burning soul. The entire environment of the clinic was a very pleasant place for us.

When we came to know that Our first IVF was positive we enjoyed a lot. it was a spiritual happiness and it was like a shower after a long drought. But we were devastated from the message that the pregnancy had some defect due to its genetic problem. However , this time too, Dr. Malpani gave us full moral impetus to keep the balance to go for the next round of the IVF treatment. With his immense motivation and consultations we did the 2nd treatment. It was very successful, keeping us waiting for another 10 months for the result. We got a lovely and healthy baby girl!

Baby gave us a rebirth and a new life, even I am in 40 years and wife is in 38 years. We had more confidence on the success rate of IVF treatment of the Malpani clinic, we had an opportunity to share the information with other IVF patients who came to the clinic from across the world and they also had the success stories with more babies.

We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the divine hands of Dr. Anirudha and Anjali Malpani and their divine look at the patients which you can’t find anywhere in the world other than at the Malpani Clinic in Mumbai , India. As Buddhists we have a spiritual bond with India ,since it is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Now we have the second reason to further strengthen that bond with the Bharat, since it is the Birth place of our lovely daughter. The names of Aniruddha and Anjali have been embodied to us and will live with us forever.

We highly recommend to any couple who are searching a right place for their IVF treatment, don’t miss the Malpani clinic in Colaba, Mumbai, India. You will have a better understanding and the confidence once you visit the clinic. If someone wishes to know any specific information through our experience with Malpani , we are pleased to keep you updated, Don’t waste your time and money. Don’t delay your parenthood; don’t delay of writing your success story in this column.

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