Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why patients need to take the initiative

I am always amazed by how smart some of my patients are ! While I am an IVF expert and know a lot about the technical minutiae of IVF, I do not know much about how to solve the additional challenges patients face when they need to travel to India for their IVF treatment. I am happily impressed by how well organised some of my patients are ! Travelling to India from the US for IVF treatment is quite a challenging exercise - but something they do with ease !

What I like about these patients is that they take the initiative, thus making it easier for me to help them.

For example, they will design their own IVF calendar ( using Excel or Word ), so it's easy for me to review and approve. This helps them to arrange their logistics efficiently - and makes it easier for me to OK their travel plans.

I wish more patients would do this, so they can get better care from their doctors. The really smart ones will create tools which they can share with other patients, thus allowing others to benefit from their experience and expertise !
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