Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another happy patient from Malpani Infertility Clinic !

We had been married for 10 years. We had our careers, home, and friends everything going for us. Just one thing made us feel incomplete, especially me, not having a child of our own. Initially we felt it will happen after 6 months, a year. Then we took treatment. We had hopes. But all the hopes kept dying year after year. What was worst was when elders and relatives kept asking us about when we were planning to have a baby. That pressure was unbearable. But after 10 years I was coming to terms with the fact that I would be childless.

We kept reading about the latest developments of science in this field in newspapers and kept tabs of the most successful doctors in the field. But we were afraid of the costs involved and that kept us from approaching them. But then we read some articles about Dr. Malpani and some new techniques which he had been treating patients with successfully. We decided to give us one final chance. When we first visited Dr. Malpani we were ready for the worse (what with just 30 – 40% chances of success), but I also had hopes that the ICSI procedure that he suggested might just work for us.

The egg collection procedure was a little painful but the embryo transfer procedure is just ok. But what makes it easier are the helpful nature and smiling faces of the nurses and attendant’s at the clinic. The first attempt was not successful. But it was a good decision of my husband to agree to freeze the embryos. So after a few months we decided to try again.

This time it worked. Those first 14 days were testing my patience. Then the anxiety over the result of the first Beta HCG test. The value was much higher than the 10mIU/ ml mentioned for a positive result. That was it. I was sure I was pregnant and carrying more than one baby. A visit to Malpani’s proved I was right. I was carrying twins. I was ecstatic. God had blessed me “chappad phad ke”, meaning abundantly. But the initial month was full of anxiety. I would get nervous over even a little bleeding. But Dr. Malpani was very supportive whenever I queried him over phone or email. The best thing is that before you know it he answers your email.
Now we are proud parents of twin girls. I must admit every time I see their cute smiles I can’t thank the Malpani’s enough.

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  1. Nice experience share With us.This is example for all who is suffering from this situation.I think Dr.Malpani is great personality.


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