Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Using MDConsult for CME for Indian doctors

While the internet is a great way of delivering medical information to doctors at the "point of care", the trouble with the web is that it can be very hard for doctors to find the content they need. How can they trust the information ? how reliable is it ? has it been updated ?

A far better option is MDConsult ! MDConsult allows doctors to remain uptodate by providing online instant access to the FULL-TEXT of over 40 respected medical books and 50 prestigious medical journals which are constantly updated. This means the doctor will never need to buy another medical book in his life ! Even better, he can be reassured that the information he is referring to is reliable and trustworthy !

MDConsult provides high quality CME, convenience and peace of mind at the doctor's desktop - for only Rs 9995 per year !

We have been providing MDConsult subscriptions to Indian doctors for many years now, including leading doctors such as Dr Udwadia and Dr Bhandarkar ! Every doctor
has renewed their subscription year after year - and this is a testimonial to the high quality of content with MDConsult provides !

MDConsult is the world’s largest online medical library. You can take a free tour at

And try out a free 30-day demo ( provide your credit card details but cancel before 30 days so they do not charge you !)

For doctors who enjoy learning, MDConsult is addictive ! Not only can you use it to optimise your care of patients with complex problems, it's also very useful in keeping you uptodate, because you can browse through the latest issues of medical journals ! You can even access it on your mobile, so you have easy access to the information you need - when you need it, no matter where you are !

You can share what you learn with your patient, because MDConsult has an extensive library of patient educational materials. You can also print out the relevant articles and provide them to the referring doctor, so your colleagues are impressed by how well-informed you are !
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