Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why doesn't Flipkart do a better job of selling ?

I buy a lot of books from Flipkart and am a fan - I love their prompt and reliable service !

I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy 2 phone from Flipkart. I hate commuting and shopping, so the fact that I could buy this online at one click was great. Flipkart delivered the phone promptly in 2 days, and I am very pleased with the phone and their excellent service !

However, I was disappointed with the fact that the Flipkart shopping cart was not intelligent enough to sell me accessories for my new mobile phone. For example, I would have been happy to buy a screen protector film for my phone - but they did not offer me this choice.

Flipkart could easily do a better job with tracking customer behaviour - they just lost a chance to sell more products.

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  1. Dr. Rajlaxmi11:39 PM

    You may actually need very important accessories like a car charger and a car dock for the samsung galaxy 2 when you will want to use the phone extensively while on move,for navigation, etc, and yet its difficult to find one if not available from samsung.All the accessories should be offered simultaneously when buying a product so that one has the option to choose, and save time.

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM

    You can go to the accessories area in the mobiles and accessories section. There you can find screen guards, travel chargers and other stuff.


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