Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What to do when doctors disagree - Dr. Thomas Hannam Toronto Fertility Blog

The best IVF protocol | Dr. Thomas Hannam Toronto Fertility Blog : " You are confused because your doctors are disagreeing. My advice: go with whichever clinic is treating you better and seems more organized. I know that sounds like a strange, non-medical thing to say, but here is the truth about running a fertility programme: good “customer service” is extremely difficult to deliver…it doesn’t happen accidentally, only when great attention to paid to every detail.

You should be at the clinic that pays attention to every detail: it means they are more likely to be paying attention to the other important details too, like when to modify your protocol, or what is happening in the lab, or what the latest research says."

Makes a lot of sense to me ! It's practically impossible for patients to judge the technical proficiency of an IVF clinic - they all seem to be the same, and most doctors are very sweet at your first consultation ! However, if the clinic is disorganised and chaotic; and they make you wait for ever and ever; and do not respect your time or your privacy, these are good reasons for find another doctor ! Doctors who respect you as a person will take the time and trouble to optimise your medical treatment, and this will give you the best shot at getting pregnant !

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