Sunday, January 02, 2011

Creating something out of nothing

Society takes great pride in depicting business barons as being role models of success. They are revered as "wealth creators" and admired in a capitalistic society.

However, in reality, many of these businessmen are just traders . They do not actually create anything - they just accumulate money. While it's great to be rich, all they have done is merely transfer assets from others into their pocket, without creating anything new.

The real creators are the creative artists, who actually produce something out of nothing. However, while it's true that a work of music is a piece of art, this is a luxury which only affluential societies can afford to indulge in !

The true creators are the farmers ! Unfortunately, most of us have never been to a farm, so it's hard to remember what a miracle growing food really is. Farmers tap the energy of the sun and the microbes in the soil to create food for all of us - truly, something out of nothing.

Especially when they use Natueco farming principles, the food they create comes purely from solar energy, without depleting or damaging the soil !

You can watch a video at !

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