Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pediatricians and the Handling of the Worried Parent

Pediatricians and the Handling of the Worried Parent: "When there’s nothing to fix it’s improperly assumed that there’s nothing to do. Some of our hardest work involves helping families understand what doesn’t need to be done. I’m impressed with the number of parents who prefer to avoid medications."

Sometimes masterly inactivity is the best medical course of action ! However, it usually requires a senior doctor ( who has a lot of maturity , self-esteem and confidence) to be able to provide this advise to patients. Many doctors prescribe medicines ( even when they know that these do not work and are not required) because they feel that their patients expect a prescription ! Since when are professionals expected to pander to a client's whims ? A good doctor will prescribe Reassurance and Information Therapy far more frequently than he will prescribe drugs !

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