Thursday, January 27, 2011

A success story from the Netherlands baby made in Malpani Infertility Clinic, India

This is a story about perseverance, courage but most of all a good understanding between a doctor and a patient.

After some difficult years including infertility treatments, despair and discouragement by infertility doctors (!), my husband and I decided we should take a sabbatical and rest for a while from all the disappointments of the past. We decided to travel to Asia and visit some wonderful countries.
After a few months however, my child wish was very strong again and we decided we should try one more time an IVF treatment.
The question was where? we had all these possibilities in all of these countries.
I decided to do a little research and I wrote to a dozen clinics in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India.
Some clinics did not respond at all (!) other were very short in their information. This was not the case with the clinic of Dr. Malpani, as a well-informed patient I could see the difference very clear with the other clinics. The whole protocol was send to me within a day, including the names of medications, the dosage, the procedures etc.
Among all this clinics the response of Dr.Malpani was the most elaborate and professional.

So we decided to go ahead with the treatment in India.
Once settled in, the treatment began. I never met a doctor that was more helpful then doctor Malpani, providing me with lots of information when asked, even including some scientific articles.
The follicle stimulation went well, the pick-up went well, and then of course the embryo transfer, for us a real all or nothing moment.
2 weeks later, on April the 12th I had my very first positive pregnancy test ever!!!! Nothing could surpass that moment until December the 19th when our baby-girl was born!!
As every birth is a miracle, I strongly believe my pregnancy is a perfect example of an incredible cooperation and understanding between a doctor an his patient.
Dr. Malpani has a very humane approach to his patients, providing them with all the information they ask for, listening very carefully and trying to meet their wishes as much as possible. Last but no least and he is funny too! :)
Professionalism and a very human approach, together with a lovely staff made this experience unforgettable.

For all the couples that have been struggling for years, please don't give up! It took us years to conceive, some dark days and months, but finally all of it was worthwhile as soon as you can hold your baby in your arms!

To Dr. Malpani and his lovely wife, please keep up the good work. Nothing is more important then to make a difference is someone's life.

God bless you.

A couple from the Netherlands

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  1. This is such a heart warming story.
    I know how it feels if happy recipients report back - the best feeling in the world.
    Keep up the good work.
    Many greetings from South Africa!


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