Thursday, June 24, 2010

World’s First Virtual IVF Clinic on Second Life

We have created the world’s first IVF clinic on Second Life. The clinic is now open – please do come and browse around !

We have

  1. a reception area where you can watch videos about IVF
  2. a consultation room, where you can do a consultation with a virtual IVF specialist
  3. an operation theater, where you can watch an egg collection and embryo transfer
  4. an IVF lab, where you can see how embryos grow
  5. an andrology lab where you can see how we process sperm for IUI
  6. a PGD lab, where you can watch how we do an embryo biopsy
  7. a virtual support group, where you can get counseling and support

SL - lab_001

SL - lab_002

SL - lab_003

SL - lab_004

SL - lab_005

Go to Second Life ( and set up a free account.
Use the link below to get to the clinic once you in Second Life

Have fun – and feedback is always welcome !

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