Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Free websites for Indian NGOs from HELP

I feel many Indian NGOs are doing some great work. Unfortunately, they are often strapped for cash because very few people know about their activities. This is why they are often not able to scale up their activities and they remain small, with limited impact.

There are many large-hearted Indians out there who would be happy to provide money to deserving NGOs. However, how do they find out about these ? And which ones are worth funding ?

NGOs need higher visibility and the best way to acquire this is through the internet. As a pilot project, I am going to award free websites to 10 suitable NGOs; and hope that this will help them to get additional visibility, so they can leverage their efforts.

If you run an NGO, or know of one, who you feel will benefit from having a web presence, please ask the Head of the NGO to send me an email.

I need to know basic stuff such as - What does your NGO do ? how do you plan to grow ? How will you make use of your website ?

We will pay a technology company to provide you with a comprehensive website which you will be able to update and run yourself.

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