Thursday, June 17, 2010

How IVF doctors misuse ultrasound scanning

A vaginal ultrasound scan has now become a routine part of the work of an infertile woman, because it provide so much useful information. Unfortunately, many IVF specialists misuse this simple technique.

I have seen patients who have been advised donor eggs by IVF doctors, because their "ovaries looked small" on the vaginal scan done at the time of the consultation . Even worse, is the fact that some doctors advise surrogacy because " the uterine lining is thin".

They do not bother to provide any documentation of their scans - or to explain options and alternatives to their patients. Most patients are quite easily initimidated; and since the IVF doctor is seen to be the "court of last resort", many follow the doctor's advise blindly or get disheartened and give up.In fact, some clueless patients are very impressed by how skillful the doctor must be, that he ( or she) could come to the correct diagnosis so quickly - a diagnosis which had eluded all their earlier doctors ( because it is wrong !)
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