Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How bad IVF clinics reduce their patients' chances of having a baby

I just got this email from a patient.

I am a patient with azoospermia. My wife's reports are perfect with no fertility problems.

We are undergoing TESE- ICSI in a fertility clinic in Bangalore. My wife was superovulated with RECAGAN 100IU which she has been taking for the last 10
days . Today's scan result shows 14 mature follicles . The sizes are:

Right ovary

Left ovary

According to the original plan , we were supposes to take HCG tonight (11th day of the period) and the egg retrival was planned for Wednesday . However, due to non-availability of " TESA Specialist " they are postponing the egg retrival by 3 days and HCG injection by 2 days. We have been asked to continue injection RECAGON 100IU for 2 more days. The doctor gave me harsh reply , saying he can't help this and there is no choice.

I am really worried ! Will this affect our ICSI success chances ? Will it affect my wife's ovaries , because the follicles would have grown even more in 3 more days !

This patient has got a really raw deal. After spending so much time, money and energy, the egg collection is being re-scheduled because the specialist is not available.

This is sad ! This reduces the chances of pregnancy; and also increases the risk of OHSS ( ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) , because the follicles will get too big !

It's very disappointing that the IVF clinic did not know when the “ TESA specialist “ was coming in advance !

This is why we tell patients that they should always select a full-service clinic which provides all the services themselves and operates around the year and is not dependent upon "visiting specialists" !

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