Friday, December 11, 2009

Plus91 Online-EMR for Indian doctors-

Plus91 Online-EMR for Indian doctors: " As a doctor, you have been trained to take good care of your patients and you enjoy doing this. However, since you are in private practice, you also need to be a businessman and have to learn how to manage your clinic and your staff. Unfortunately, administration is one of those things few doctors enjoy doing, which is why most of them do it badly.

Plus91 can help you do a better job . We use advanced technology to help you streamline your practice management skills, allowing you to see more patients more efficiently.

Our clever customized electronic medical record software offers many customized templates, designed for your particular specialty. We can also easily tailor this to suit your requirements, so no extra cost!

Finally, we also allow you to take your practice to the web, by integrating your EMR with a custom-made website!"

I am an investor in this startup which is using clever technology to provide Indian doctors with an affordable EMR and practise management software which the doctor can customise to suit his own clinic. Because the software can be downloaded and installed online without requiring any human intervention, Plus91 can service doctors all over India !

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