Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doctor, don't you get tired ?

I often work till late at night, and many patients ask me - Don't you get tired seeing so many patients daily ?

The truth is that seeing patients actually energizes me ! I enjoy seeing them - and helping them to complete their families ! Helping a fellow human to cope with the pain of infertility; explaining to a husband what he needs to do to empathise with his wife when she gets her period ; helping them to understand what IVF can do for them - and what it cannot; counselling a patient who has just had a miscarriage that this tragedy actually means that she has a good chance of having a baby in the future; watching patients admire their embryos ; listening to the joy in their voice when they get a positive HCG result; and watching them dote over their babies - how can life get any better than this ?

So don't feel sorry for your doctor when he has lots of patients to see - it might be more appropriate to feel sorry for him if he doesn't have patients to see !


  1. What a great attitude a doctor has!

    Tracy, Status Now

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    This is what makes me fall in love with you :)


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