Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baby through donor egg IVF

Here's another success story !

We are a young healthy couple and have been married for over 7 years and without children. The wait has been very painful with all our relatives and well wishers commenting on our childlessness. The psychological trauma of this resulted in our not frequenting social and family functions and brought depression and anxiety into our lives.

Initially, we decided to plan to not have any children for 2 years. We gradually started thinking about raising a family and initiated studies and process. We were surprised, that in-spite of our best efforts we did not succeed. Thus, began our fight against infertility over 4 years ago. We initially opted for regular assisted pregnancy techniques and failed for over 10 cycles. During this process, doctors also advised us a routine Laparoscopy to check whether the ovaries and fallopian tubes were clear and healthy. The results indicated that there was absolutely nothing of concern.

Subsequently, we graduated to IUI which we opted for 8 cycles and failed. We consulted multiple specialist doctors and the doctors gave us no reasons for our failures and told us to keep trying. There were times during our struggle, when we were tired of fighting against the demon titled as infertility and took a break of a few months. But, then we were back at it again with renewed courage to face failure at every attempt.

As a god send, we scouted the internet for any further approaches we can try upon. We came through Dr.Aniruddha Malpani’s website and read through the success stories. We suddenly realised that we were not alone in this battle against infertility and the success stories posted on the site helped us to ease our anxiety and we found ourselves picking up our confidence to approach Dr. Malpani for a discussion. The doctor was immensely approachable and co-operative. We discussed at length over mail communications and we finally were advised to carry out a cycle of IVF as all other methods had been tried upon earlier. The clinic has a very positive atmosphere with the support staff providing all the assistance that you would need.

During this process, came a challenge which we did not expect at all, in our wildest of dreams. The egg quality was not upto the mark and hence fertilisation did not occur. The doctor told us that this is very rare for young healthy couples and failure stared us on the face yet again. We did not succeed in our 1st IVF attempt as well. This was very disappointing, But, on the brighter side, after our prolonged battle we now knew the reason why we were failing in our attempts. The anxiety continued and we took a break of some months to think about our way ahead. We read through the donor egg programs and opted for this way out. So, there we were trying out our 2nd IVF cycle along with donor egg program under the very capable guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. We had a positive feeling as always and we were in luck this time as the Beta HCG result confirmed a twin pregnancy. As the saying goes, when luck smiles, it does smile in pairs. We are now extremely delighted as we have won our fight against Infertility under the guidance of Dr.Aniruddha Malpani.

We strongly recommend other similar couples in the world to not lose hope and seek his advise and guidance.

All the Best.


  1. Im very happy for you and congratulations on your success.

    Egg donation attempts are optimised when egg donor screening is done completely amd a reputable egg donor agency is used to assist with egg donor matching.

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Congrats, that's great. Your positive attitude & courage will take you far. Ur twins r lucky to have parents like u!

  3. savvy_mummy5:56 AM

    Dr Aniruddha Malpani,

    I understand that egg numbers are determined at birth. How about egg quality? I am asking this becos one month we can have a good egg ovulated while another we may have a poor-quality egg ovulated. And during Ovum pick up, some eggs may be good while not some.And women after 35YO are said to have rapidly declining egg quality.

    So having said these which i read as I researched, am I right to say that egg quality is affected month by month by for example our stress level, diet, lifestyle, hormone levels, or medication? So is there anyway to improve egg quality at all? Pls enlighten me and correct me if I have got it all wrong.


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