Friday, December 04, 2009

Another IVF sucess story from the UK

After close to eight years of moving from one doctor to another trying to conceive, we were advised by our gynecologist to try assisted conception. Our search on the Internet led us to the Malpanis. I surveyed their website, reading people’s stories on the special care they received at the clinic. I then decided to contact Dr Aniruddha Malpani for a second opinion, for which he recommended IVF treatment as earlier suggested by our doctor. I will always remember these words from Dr Malpani “When you are 50 years old and looking back at your life, you should never have any regrets that you left any stone unturned and didn't give yourself the best shot at fertility treatment”. This sent us thinking and saving and after three months of planning we went to Mumbai for the treatment. At the clinic we got lots of support and encouragement from the staff during our visit. The treatment was a smooth procedure and after three weeks we were good to come back home. After two weeks, we got a faint two lines on a home urine pregnancy test. The ensuing tests every after a few days also confirmed this initial test. We were ecstatic!! Having our first IVF cycle being successful, we can never stop thanking God for this. However the first few months were not easy; I was hospitalized and put on bed rest for two months. Our baby was delivered through an emergence c-section at 32 weeks due to ruptured membranes and a scan that revealed that the cord was around her neck. But for a pre-term baby she was doing well and could breathe on her own. We were discharged after 10 days with strict instructions on how to look after her. She is now four months and continues to amaze us. We thank God for this gift after a long period of waiting. We also thank Him for using the Malpanis as a channel of blessing to us and many other families like us. We pray a blessing upon the Malpanis and the people they work with.

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