Sunday, February 08, 2009

Manipal Hospital Symptom Checker

Manipal Hospital Symptom Checker: " Globalization was ultimately meant to do this: breaking boundaries and creating new dimensions. True to its corporate philosophy of 'care with a personal touch', today, Manipal Hospital launched an online health information tool 'Manipal Symptom Checker' which promises information on health at the click of a mouse. This tool gives easy access to medical information thus breaking physical barriers through the efficient use of internet. It may be recalled that Manipal Hospital has been in the forefront of patient centric activities ever since its inception in 1991.

Commenting to media persons on occasion of the launch Mr. R Basil, CEO, Manipal Health Systems said that, 'with Manipal Symptom Checker we want to impart information regarding a particular symptom and help the person get the best possible treatment available. He further added that, through this initiative, we want to partner with the public in creating general health awareness in our society.'

Consumer Healthcare 2008 reports that 64% of online health seekers looked for a specific disease or medical problem and none of the popular search engines could deliver disease and diagnosis specific results. Clearly, there was a need gap identified and Manipal Hospital, always a pioneer in patient centric initiatives decided to launch Manipal Symptom Checker for convenience of persons who have concerns on their health. Manipal Hospital through this initiative will also promise personalized service and promote patient friendly practice.'"

It's great news that Indian hospitals are now starting to use the web to improve the quality of services they provide to their patients !


  1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani - Thanks for your posting.

    In my opinion, we as consumers are given very little in the way of diagnosing and treating ourselves. About all we have is the internet, symptom checkers, and a few diagnostic tools. Going forward, I'd like to see healthcare professionals teach us how to do minor diagnosis and equipment makers make low cost tools to do minor diagnosis. We're given more information and tools to diagnose and fix our car or home, than we are to take care of our own bodies.

    I think if I had better tools and knowledge, I think I could diagnose and treat my own health conditions better. This seems to be an upcoming trend, e.g. Health 2.0. Anyhow, I’ve started a Blog – “Do It Yourself Doctoring” - documenting my own experiences in Diagnosing and Treating Myself, going to Healthcare Professionals only as needed. Feel free to comment.

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I am looking for a person who just graduated from Manipal(MBBS). My friend's daughter is supposed to get married with this guy. I have been asked to check this guy's background. Is there any department in MBBS college who can give me any information about the guy. At least we want to know if he has really graduated or not. Is there any website I can go to view the list of graduates or it is strictly confidential? He is supposed to start internship next month. Please help.


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