Monday, February 16, 2009

Click Diagnostics :: Revolutionizing Healthcare

Click Diagnostics :: Revolutionizing Healthcare: "Using mobile technologies, ClickDiagnostics is developing solutions that will allow us to provide the following services:

Remote Consultation/ Diagnosis
Remote consultation of diseases, such as skin conditions and cataract, that are amenable to diagnosis using cell-phone camera images and voice-recorded symptoms

Rural Healthcare system efficiency consultation
Consultation on the use of mobile technology, development, deployment and testing of cell-phone based applications to improve the efficiency and reach of existing health delivery organizations

Early warning
Detection/early warning of diseases, such as HIV, and Cervical Cancer, that are amenable for screening through cell-phone camera images of external manifestations in skin and eyes, and voice-recorded symptoms

Public health data-gathering
Gathering of critical household-level data needed for planning health-related interventions, such as sanitation conditions

ClickDiagnostics provides IT infrastructure, capacity building and implementation support for empowering health-workers to provide services to patients or health-care organizations."

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