Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome to PharmaSURVEYOR - Beta

Welcome to PharmaSURVEYOR - Beta: "What is a PharmaSURVEYOR Regimen Survey?
When you enter your drugs, PharmaSURVEYOR immediately creates a personalized risk assessment for you which shows not only drug-drug interactions but the much more common and often dangerous adverse drug side effects.

Presented in a table that is easy to view, search, and sort, your Regimen Survey shows you the big picture including the additive toxicity and combined risks of all your drugs, not only those involved in interactions."

In this day and age of super- specialisation, your doctors may not know what drugs you are on; and your cardiologist may prescribe stuff your gastroenterologist is not aware of. PharmaSurveyor is a sophisticated version of the "brown-bag" approach - and since you are your own primary healthcare giver, you can use this clever tool to make your drugs don't make you sick ! This is especially important for older people, who are often on multiple medications ( many of which they don't really need !)

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