Sunday, December 21, 2008

Personal health records

Personal health records - Health Affairs Blog: " You may wonder where the huge numbers of “personal health record” (PHR) companies are in all this. Many of them are still around; some are gaining traction, especially those with a large provider, insurer or employer promoting their adoption. And Microsoft and Google are joining the fray. However, most consumers (other than expectant or new mothers) aren’t that interested in a health record per se. They are interested in dealing with medical bills, or a particular condition, or a particular threat. So much adoption, I believe, will be driven by the kinds of specific applications I mention above. Over time, the PHRs will be able to accept the specific data types generated by the applications, and new applications will generate data that they know the PHRs can handle."

The PHR will provide the platform around which healthcare will be provided. Different players will use the data in the PHRs for their own purposes. Thus, patients ( consumers) will use it to get better medical care; doctors will use it to provide better medical care; pharma companies will use it to improve their drug marketing efforts; insurance companies will use it to improve the policies they provide; and governments will use this to improve healthcare in the community; while business people will use PHRs to make money by providing clever services which others want, and will pay for !

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