Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Covert Rationing Blog » Blog Archive » The Two Flavors of Covert Rationing

The Covert Rationing Blog » Blog Archive » The Two Flavors of Covert Rationing: "closer look, however, reveals that these two schools of thought actually have very much in common; certainly enough to explain why Wonkonians and Gekkonians can often be seen forming alliances with one another in their efforts to “reform” the system.

First, both schools of thought are based firmly on the notion that the healthcare crisis is caused almost entirely by too much waste and fraud within the healthcare system. While one school tends to blame the waste and fraud on greed and the other on incompetence, the basic problem according to both schools is the inefficient use of resources. DrRich has described the fatal limitations of the “waste and fraud” hypothesis on his website - fundamentally this is the fiction that by increasing inefficiencies we can avoid the need to ration. It is a fatally flawed position. But still, it is attractive to suppose that enough waste exists in the system to make rationing unnecessary.

As a direct result of the “waste and fraud” hypothesis, both schools of thought are able to assert that the underlying problem is merely one of how the healthcare system is organized, that is, of who gets to call the shots and which philosophy gets to determine the “rules.”"

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