Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Criminal checks for IVF women?

Criminal checks for IVF women?: "Women seeking IVF treatment could be forced to undergo a police check if new laws are passed. The Victorian legislation would mean more than 14,000 women who sought out fertility treatment each year were forced to undergo the test.

News Limited newspapers reports the legislation is before the Victorian Parliament. Under the laws, a patient would need to undergo a checks for history of sexual convictions, violent offences or any child protection orders taken out against them. The laws would mean some potential patients were unable to receive treatment."

Another great example of the way infertile women are discriminated against ! If you are fertile and a drug addict , no one stops you from having as many babies as you want. However, if you are infertile, and are willing to put yourself through an IVF cycle in order to have a deeply loved baby, then you need to undergo a security check ! Talk about unfair double standards...

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