Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Communicating With Patients

Communicating With Patients: "THE RESPECT MODEL


* Connect on a social level.
* See the patient’s point of view.
* Consciously suspend judgment.
* Recognize and avoid making assumptions.


* Remember that the patient has come to you for help.
* Seek out and understand the patient’s rational for his/her behaviors or illness.
* Verbally acknowledge and legitimize the patient’s feelings.


* Ask about and understand the barriers to care and compliance.
* Help the patient overcome barriers.
* Involve family members if appropriate.
* Reassure the patient you are and will be available to help.


* Be flexible with regard to control issues.
* Negotiate roles when necessary.
* Stress that you are working together to address health problems.


* Check often for understanding.
* Use verbal clarification techniques.

Cultural competence

* Respect the patient’s cultural beliefs.
* Understand that the patient’s view of you may be defined by ethnic or cultural stereotypes.
* Be aware of your own cultural biases and preconceptions.
* Know your limits"

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