Monday, August 27, 2007

Patient Destiny: The 10 Steps to Patient Empowerment

Patient Destiny: The 10 Steps to Patient Empowerment:
"Step 1: Learn from other's experience! Accept that empowerment is possible and with this, will come an improvement in overall health
2: Search for like patients. These partners are invaluable in advising you how to take charge and ensuring that you are not alone.
Step 3: Search for providers. It is critical that your physician (or other care provider) wants to work with you as much as you want to work with them.
Step 4: Take stock. Search for information on your disease. It is very important to know more about what things are good and what things are bad to do relating to your overall health
Step 5: Get access to your specific information so as to help you make decisions.
Step 6: Be willing to raise questions and present options to your provider.
Step 7: Provide your physician with accurate status updates – again, if you work with them, then they will work with you.
Step 8: Be responsible – follow your treatment protocol - comply with your medication schedule - this helps you gain credibility with all of your providers and care team.
Step 9: Stay active in your general search and looking for specific data that may help you like a personal health record or patient portals. Look for tools to assist in your decision making –the Internet is a great source providing websites for empowerment. There are many out there.
Step 10: Reach out to other like patients that you can mentor in order to complete the circle; this promotes awareness and brings us all further along the path to empowerment."

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