Monday, August 06, 2007

HealthCheckUSA - order your own blood tests online !

HealthCheckUSA - order your own blood tests online ! : "'Direct-to-Consumer' lab testing service is first of its kind in Louisiana: HealthCheckUSA lab will allow individuals to order blood tests without a doctor's referral.' 'To avoid the hassle of tangled and confusing medical bureaucracies, long waits and high costs, many patients go directly to lab testing sites to obtain medical profiles on their own,' said Holt Vaughan, President of HealthCheckUSA. 'We are proud to offer this convenient and affordable service to the Lake Charles area.'"

This is a great idea ! Not only is it less expensive and easier , it also allows patients to take more control of their illness and their lives, so that they can manage their disease better !


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM has helped me save a ton of money over the years and also allows me to take control of my own health! I have been using this service and recommend to all my friends and family. The last time I ordered, they gave me a 10% coupon for next time. Code # HCUSA1014. Thanks

  2. I've used and it was awful. It took forever to get my results back, and the testing center I went to was dirty. I now use, I recently found there website and signed up for a wellness test and the testing center was brand new and very clean, and I also got my results the next day. I will recommend over to anyone who asks.


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