Thursday, August 23, 2007

Managing diabetes better with your mobile phone

Good blood glucose control is the best defence against developing the complications of diabetes, but interpreting your blood glucose results is not always easy.

The think positive diabetes management system (t+ diabetes) will help you to track your blood glucose levels, providing immediate feedback whenever you send a reading wherever you are. t+ diabetes will help you to develop a better understanding of what affects your blood glucose level and how you can control your condition for a better life

Meter, phone and server

How the t+ diabetes management system can help you

With immediate feedback on all your results, t+ diabetes gives you the reassurance that your condition is being closely monitored

t+ diabetes lets you take control of your condition by developing a better understanding of what works for you

by providing close support from healthcare professionals, t+ diabetes helps you to account for changes in your condition quickly and easily

t+ diabetes saves you time, as the system reminds you when prescribed items are running low and allows you to reorder from your pharmacy with your mobile phone

t+ diabetes is quick and easy to use, consisting of a mobile phone, a OneTouch® Ultra® meter and a specially designed Bluetooth cradle to link the two together

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  1. think+ is cool and well thought of. The other one that operates in the US today and has been supporting patients in the field since 2002 is Diabetech's GlucoMON®
    device via comprehensive healthcordia™ programs .

    The approach differs in that we have designed the cell phone out of the critical path and have chosen to focus on a dedicated long-range wireless (GSM/GPRS) medical device module for connectivity between the glucose meter (and other devices) and the remote clinical management server infrastructure including operating as a wireless data service provider including all airtime charges. The cell phone is important as a conduit with the patient for subjective data and feedback but not as the critical path connection between biometrics and our real-time system.

    t+ and Diabetech's mobile devices, rules engine technology and the healthcordia patient-centric social networking programs based on Diabetech technology represent the best of breed as a stage 1 mobile diabetes portfolio from which to build on worldwide.


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