Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The MIVIA PHR: "The goal of MiVIA is to improve health outcomes of migrant and seasonal workers in California. Building on an existing pilot program, the next phase will include expanding the technical capabilities as well as planning and implementing a comprehensive multi-region and multi-state expansion of the program.

Even when workers are able to access health care, that care is sporadic and fragmented as the workers move from job to job; community to community; leaving their medical records, test results and care plans behind, resulting in unnecessary duplication in services. This lack of continuity in their health care contributes to poor health outcomes and increased costs to an already burdened health care system.

Each worker's PHR is password protected, using 128 encryption and is HIPAA compliant providing audit trails, secure messaging and provider entry portals. MiVIA allows patients, or any advocate whom they authorize, to download their information at any time or to have the information downloaded by a health care provider."

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