Saturday, June 23, 2007

Management for Doctors

Management for Doctors: "All practising doctors are responsible for the use of resources; many will also lead teams or be involved in the supervision of colleagues; 2 and most will work in managed systems, whether in the NHS or in the independent , military, prison or other sectors. Doctors have responsibilities to their patients, employers and those who contract their services. This means that doctors are both managers and are managed. This booklet will be particularly relevant if you have a management role, but should be helpful for all doctors.

2. For the purposes of this booklet, management is defined as:

Getting things done well through and with people, creating an environment in which people can perform as individuals and yet co-operate towards achieving group goals, and removing obstacles to such performance. 3

3. Doctors' management roles often involve responsibility for teams, people and the resources they use. If you manage resources other than people, or develop policies, set standards or audit others, you should follow the guidance in this booklet as far as it is relevant to your role."

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