Thursday, June 14, 2007

e-patients and medical tourism

e-patients and medical tourism: "Are e-Patients More Likely to Try Medical Tourism?

It's an interesting question, because as people become more informed about their conditions and treatment options, they also often learn more about the costs associated with treating their condition. When compared with many other developed nations, America's healthcare costs are extraordinary. Just today, we got hit with a prescription bill you wouldn't believe, as we recently changed healthcare providers (and may be changing much sooner than we had anticipated because of this surprise).

The rising cost of healthcare in America has spawned the emergence of a new type of travel. Medical tourism is now a phenomenon that has generated passengers in record numbers, especially those with no health insurance and limited access to insurance. In fact, Patients Beyond Borders reports that more than 150,000 Americans traveled abroad for healthcare last year, and that number is projected to double by 2008."

My answer would be - " Yes !" E-patients are much more likely to "think out of the box" and more assertive in exploring treatment options !

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