Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google Health - discovery, action and community

Bosworth went on to focus on three core principles to unlock this information for consumers: discovery, action and community. He argued that consumers should be able to easily find the health information they need, have immediate access to health care services and learn from those in similar situations.

"… Scared cancer patients could find out how others were tolerating the same medications they were on for the same conditions and how the doctor was. People really care about how they are treated by the doctors. Are they listened to? Is the doctor actually treating them as an adult and understanding their needs? All this could surface," said Bosworth.

Bosworth didn't take long to get into Google's vision for authenticated data, which he insists is necessary for trustworthy shared standardized online computable health data.

Consumers looking for information on a reviews site would be redirected to a CMS (content management system) that would require them to authenticate themselves to access their PHR (personal health records) before returning them to the reviews site. He assures that being logged into their PHR would not compromise the user's anonymity on the reviews site.

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