Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why blame the doctor ?

As an IVF specialist, I often see infertile patients who have received very poor quality medical care. They have no medical records, and many of them have done IVF cycles elsewhere without even knowing how many eggs were retrieved or what the quality of their embryos was ! When I ask them why they are so poorly informed, most have a stock answer - "The doctor did not tell us !"
I ask them, " Why did you leave everything upto the doctor ? Don't you have a responsibility for doing your homework and being well-informed about your problem and its treatment ? " Most refuse to accept this, and are happy to blame the doctor for providing poor quality care.
This upsets me. Blaming the doctor doesn't help anyone - and in any case, you cannot change anyone else - you can only change yourself !
I tell them - "Everyone is allowed to make one mistake once - smart people don't repeat the same mistake again. "
The clever patients understand, and are then better equipped to deal with doctors in the future. The others will keep on making the same mistakes...

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