Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What would an "Expert" suggest?

Here's an excellent tip from Tom Robinson, the Chronic Illness Coach at www.chronicillnesscoach.com.

" When you're facing a difficult illness or life challenge, you may want to ask yourself what steps a person you respect for their ability to solve challenges like yours would recommend that you take. I believe that if you do that you will think of some useful ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

I learned this tip from Geoff Bell, a consultant I highly respect. He worked with a client who later told him that about a series of decisions she had made that she was proud of; they had produced excellent results. She said she made the decisions based on what Geoff, whom she had come to respect and admire, would have suggested. He congratulated her on her success, but told her that what she had done was much more effective and creative than what he probably would have suggested.

I'm not suggesting that you stop consulting your "expert," who may be your pastor, your therapist or counselor, a current or former teacher, or some other professional whom you trust and respect. But if you ask yourself what that person would suggest that you do to solve your problem, you very well may come up with a suggestion as good as or even better than what your expert would think of. "

This imaginary expert would be like the "imaginary friend" so many of us had when we were children !

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