Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Say Goodbye to your Annual Physical".

Medfools : "Say Goodbye to your Annual Physical".

Is it surprising to know that for over ten years the US Preventative Task Force Service has stated that there is no evidence for annual screening physical exams! This is reiterated in a recent story in the Archives of Internal Medicine that states that there is no evidence that annual routine physical exams prevent or detect treatable disease. Despite the evidence for “lack of evidence”, most (65%) of physicians surveyed stated that annual exams (asymptomatic patients) are necessary. Fifty-five percent disagreed with statements from national organizations that do not recommend annual physicals. Is it because annual exams give opportunities for lifestyle counseling, and building relationships with patients? Maybe. Funny, even though everyone is all about EBM that even physicians can stare it right in the face and go against it!

All the Fool knows is that he’s not running off to the doc this year! =)

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