Saturday, August 20, 2005

Medical negligence

Traditionally, medical negligence has referred to incompetent doctors who have failed to provide good quality medical care to their patients. I feel that a much bigger problem which has been negelected so far is that of patient negligence. Even in this day and age, when patient educational materials are so plentiful and so easily available, it's tragic to see such few patients making use of them. Most patients are still happy to leave everything upto their doctor, and they rarely bother to verify the accuracy of what they are told. When something goes wrong, it's these same patients who then blame the doctor, without realising that they are as much to blame because they have not bothered to do their own homework. If information therapy is the best medicine, then not taking your medicine means you are also partly responsible for a bad outcome !


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    A mistake made by a medical professional is probably more costly then any other mistake! however claiming malpractice over tiny errors which don’t have consequences or are partly the fault of the patient would be a waste of everyone’s time, the courts, doctors and lawyers. However when there is a case of major medical negligence then the victim and their family deserve an explanation and if necessary compensation!

  2. Hi,

    As a vigilant citizen, Could you please help me to know where and how can I find the list of doctors, nurses and other health practitioners who are banned, blacklisted or disciplined by the different Councils. So that on my next visit to a Doctor, I can be 100% sure if the Doctor is a certified professional or an uncertified professional.

    I have seen MCI publishing names of doctors who are been disciplined by different councils. However there are hardly around 200 names which can be seen.

    It would be a great help if you can share some knowledge on this.


    Lata Singh


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