Wednesday, August 10, 2005

How times have changed !

In the past, when people had fever or diarrhea or vomting, they would try home remedies and wait to get better. Tincture of time would help most illnesses get better, because most problems are self-limited, and the body heals itself. Today, however, whenever someone has a minor ache or twinge, they run to their doctor - and the very rich will go to a specialist directly. What a shame ! In the past, the doctor had little too offer, except holding the patient's hand till he improved. Today, the pills and potions doctors have are so powerful, that they can often cause considerable harm, with the result that the remedy is often worse than the disease ! Unrealistic expectations and the urgency to "get-well-quick" just make the problem even worse.

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  1. Dear Dr Malpani,

    While the body grows, from infancy to childhood then to being an adult and through to old age, many changes take place in the body. Especially in the infancy-childhood-adult stage, the changes are profound releasing a host of toxins. Hence children are susceptible to various illnesses (eruptive or otherwise) which seem to come up at certain stages of their growth. It is increasingly becoming obvious that many of these "diseases" are in fact the body's attempt to cope up with the changes. These "diseases" are best left to themselves to wear out while the patient can be protected with diet changes and rest. Otherwise, by unnecessary meddling, we run the risk of severely compromising the immune system. This is exactly the situation today.

    The body has it's own way of expelling toxins through reflux actions like vomiting, diarrhoea/dysentery, skin eruptions etc. Again it is best to deal with the cause and not try to abruptly suppress these reflux states, otherwise they may become chronic and also affect the internal organs.

    Individual cases have to be judged on their merit to really benefit the patient and nurse him back to his former state of health.



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