Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lessons in Life that Infertility Teaches

Lessons in Life that Infertility Teaches : "Life chooses unusual ways to teach us its lessons – and for many infertile couples, the lessons infertility can teach are priceless. If you can cope with living through infertility, you’ll find it much easier to deal with any of the other “slings and arrows” life can throw at you – and you’ll find that dealing with them is now a peace of cake ! I agree this is hard-earned wisdom, and I wish there was an easier way to learn this, but that’s the way life is – most of us learn only from adversity. Life only teaches us its most important lessons from the difficult times we go through – which is when we discover our inner strengths, tap into our hidden resources, and find out who our real friends are." This is true for most illnesses - we can learn so much from what we go through !

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