Saturday, July 16, 2005

All About Stress

All About Stress - A No-Nonsense Guide to Understanding, Managing and Coping with Stress by Dr. K. P. S. Kamath.

For the next few posts, my friend Dr Kamath will be publishing his book, All About Stress, on my blog. Dr Kamath, a board certified psychiatrist, has been in the field of psychiatry since 1971. After serving as medical director of various psychiatric facilities in southeast Missouri, Dr. Kamath went into private practice at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, U. S. A., in 1982. Over the span of thirty four years, he has evaluated and or treated over thirty thousand people with stress-related disorders. This book is about his insight into the human mind. In his dealings with his clients, he gives as much importance to education as counseling and medication treatment.
The first edition of this little guide titled ’Secrets of Stress Management’ was published in 1998 mostly for the benefit of his private clients. The expanded second edition titled ‘All About Stress’ is hereby made available on the Internet to the general public free of cost. The author hopes that it would help millions of stressed-out people who have no access to the right information needed to cope with and manage their everyday stress.
Dr. Kamath has used simple language and terms in this guide so even people with limited education could read and benefit from it. Repetition of certain themes is deliberate keeping in mind the fact that only through repeated impressions could one replace the old and learn the new. This is especially due to the fact that there is a lot of misinformation circulating out there in regards to stress.
Readers are encouraged to freely share the information herein with as many people as possible. They are also welcome to directly communicate with Dr. Kamath via E. mail at [email protected] regarding any questions they might have. This is a free public service offered in the spirit of goodwill to humanity, and I am very proud to be a part of this !

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